We recommend creating templates with dimensions!

We are repeatedly asked whether we can make upholstery or mattresses from old upholstery. We can only advise against this, because dimensional accuracy cannot be guaranteed when using old upholstery, as this are 99% no longer true to size. The foam is usually soft and no longer “in shape”. In addition, the dimensional accuracy was often not taken into account when the upholstery was initially fitted.

This of course results in corresponding differences in the case of a new product. To prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend the creation of dimensionally accurate templates, which we can use to manufacture your new upholstery or mattresses in the right fit for you.

• What do you need to make a template:

– tear-resistant paper or plastic film (in sufficient size)
– waterproof pen
– right angle
– folding rule or ruler
– Scissors

• The stencil production:

New production with existing upholstery:
On the one hand, the support surface (underside) can be removed from existing upholstery. Cut out this outline with the scissors and place it on the appropriate surface in the boat. A template shows the support surface in the boat 1: 1

The correction – how to make it: Mark and cut off all protrusions. If the stencil is too small in some places, the corresponding allowance is noted at the respective position (e.g. “+1.5 cm allowance”). All special features should now be noted on the template.


New production without existing upholstery:
In the case of a new production without existing upholstery, the dimension is taken directly from the corresponding support surface on board.

The position of the individual templates must be noted on a sketch / drawing. The individual templates must be numbered so that they can be identified on the sketch.

Determine the side slope:
Take a right angle. Mark the desired upholstery height on the angle. Set the angle on the template up to the edge where the drop side begins. Now measure the distance to the drop side at the height of the marked point (desired cushion height) with the ruler. Repeat this approx. Every 30 cm along the side of the ship. Write the difference in size on the appropriate place on the template.

• Back padding:
Back cushions are also made using a template, proceed as described above. Please write on the template: “Back upholstery”. This template is again a 1: 1 template of the support surface, i.e. the entire height without deducting the seat cushion height.

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