Interior trim and insulation for boats, ships and RVs

Stretchy and flexible. Innovative material with insulation. The interior trim is used as an interior lining for motorhomes and caravans. The inner lining is hard-wearing, easy-care and breathable. The ceiling covering is insulated and is elastic in processing. The lining material for the interior of boats has a surface material that needs to be cleaned with water and mild soap. The interior trim prevents the formation of condensation on board. The cladding of wall and side panels in the caravan and boat is facilitated by the processing of GISATEX® wallcovering with insulation. Interior trim and exterior trim of GISATEX® is waterproof. Foam-coated unevenness of the wall cladding material is compensated. Reduction of condensation. Boat building material from GISATEX® is innovative and proven.