GISATEX® Special Adhesive PU/VC 135 is an easily sprayable and good paintable contact adhesive for bonding RG 35 MULTI NOPP sound
insulation and Thermo Isocell insulation material. Excellent adhesion on various adhesive surfaces is guaranteed.

GISATEX® Special Adhesive PU/VC 1805 is a phthalate-free, high solidsrich dispersion adhesive (LGA tested for harmful substances) for bonding of wall and ceiling coverings.

GISATEX® seal & bond 1-component sealant and adhesive is fast curing and elasticbased on MS hybridpolymer. Viscoplastic, faster strength development, good initial adhesion,moisture curing, retral crosslinking, odorless. Free of solvent medium, silicone and isocyanate. Suitable for bonding as well as sealing of GISA TEX® Antislide floor coverings.